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    Mario Armstrong

    We need to be in charge of our own dreams.

    Clarity, Procrastination, Resiliency, Passion & Authenticity | Mario Armstrong*

    In this episode you'll learn

    • Having the clarity to get your bigger picture.

    • Key to overcoming procrastination and working towards resiliency.

    • Using your passion to find out what makes you authentic.

    Do you sometimes have trouble seeing that different angle or perspective to see the bigger picture? Do you find yourself often procrastinating ? What makes you authentic? Mario Armstrong is with us today to dispense wisdom and secrets to overcome these challenges you face in your creative process.

    Mario Armstrong is from Baltimore and attended the University of Maryland then went to DC to carve out his name for himself as a digital guru. With his struggles and experience he is the perfect person to get advice about being productive and discovering your passion.

    Getting Clarity on Your Bigger Picture

    When we put the time to look at the bigger picture, it can help us shift our perspective, modify our judgment, and ultimately change our focus and the steps we take to reach our goal. Having a different perspective reinforces the essential things and refocuses our attention on what we determine to be true priorities. For Mario, the first big step is understanding what you truly see for yourself in the biggest picture possible. Even if the big picture overwhelms you and you don't know where to begin. One of the things Mario emphasized is to consider an opportunity where you can work on a project for someone, or just put in some hours for free for somebody, even if it's just a couple of hours a week. Make sure it's in the industry of the area you want to go into. Your focus is to align everything that you are doing with what you have determined as your bigger picture.

    Overcoming Procrastination and Working towards Resiliency

    An action-focused mindset and lifestyle that will help you make consistent and sustainable progress toward your dreams, these are the keys to resiliency and overcoming procrastination. The answer has everything to do with ACTION, done consistently. The people who achieve great success in life are the ones who are willing to take consistent action toward realizing their goals. There is always so much to do. And sometimes, we get overwhelmed with the feeling of having so much to do is what hampers our ability to be consistent, and it fuels our procrastination levels. Mario shares, "the only thing that prevents procrastination, and the only thing that I've seen really work towards resilience, is consistent action." Begin with small steps and routinely take action or complete tasks with purpose and a common goal in mind.

    Passion Supersedes Everything. Be Authentically You

    When tracking your own path, passion must be factored into the equation. While ambition, talent, luck, persistence, among many others, all contribute to success, following your passion can often make the most significant difference of all. When passion plus enthusiasm are present, people tend to be more resilient amidst obstacles. They have more positive outlooks, and they can overcome difficulties through problem-solving. In fact, Mario's view about the importance of pursuing your passion is compelling that it resonates with each one of us. As he shares, "it is important that you understand why you are passionate about the thing you're passionate about. That, to me, supersedes everything. Because then your energy is natural. Don't try to talk the way you think they want you to talk. Don't try to present the way you think they want you to present --- be authentically you."

    Being very transparent and be very realistic about what you think you can accomplish, but push it a little bit further than what you think your reality is. Get your clarity for you to see that bigger picture and overcome all challenges in doing so, you’ll find yourself seeing the authenticity through your passion.

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