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    Never Write Alone Community

    Most of us think of an author as that solitary person, hunched over their typewriter, writing page after page alone in some secluded mountain cabin. The problem is that’s the exact opposite of how successful writers and authors do it.

    Great writers know that ‘it takes a village’ to write a great book -- a village of editors, coaches, fellow authors, beta readers, and much more. Since most first time writers or authors don’t have that village, we created the Never Write Alone community to expose you to other passionate storytellers and authors. The idea is to provide you with a support system that combats author loneliness, once and for ever.

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    Those interviews have led me to The Never Write Alone Project—conversations where we deconstruct how the world’s most successful creators, doers, writers, and innovators:

    • Learn
    • Think
    • Create

    I realized I had developed a unique community to help students write and publish a book. And that opened doors to some of the world’s most incredible people. I realized what they all had in common was they followed their own intuition and writing style. I figured what better opportunity could I share with others than the frameworks, approaches, principles, and activities amazing people had to learn in ways that accelerated them.

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    Listen & learn

    Discover the secret to better writing

    So much advice about writing is filled with templates, guidelines, rules, and structures. But great books aren’t written from a template — they are written from a safe environment with a community of fellow writers, editors, and coaches to cheer us on, share ideas, and collaborate.

    Listen, every writer is different, and so every book journey should be too. You can learn their tactics and apply them in your own writing, but it will always be specific to you, your observations, ways of expression, tonality, detail, etc. This community will empower you to write more and better, but also recognize your authentic writing style, nurture it, and make the most out of it.

    No author has ever made it completely on their own. Besides feedback, support, developmental editing, you also need inspiration, examples, resources. This is where the amazing speakers from our Never Write Alone Community can help.

    Back up your Book Creator journey with the wisdom of eminent and influential innovators, creators, entrepreneurs, makers, learners and discover the secret behind their writing.

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