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    Hi, I’m Eric Koester

    I write, I teach, I have an audio show, and I run a book writing community called Manuscripts.

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    Book Creators 2022
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    A Simple & Powerful Way to Attract the People Who Transform Your Life

    Super Mentors

    Download Chapter 1 of Super Mentors.

    Modern mentorship is about opportunity, not advice. What you really want is someone to open a door for you, provide an introduction, or move your resume to the top of the pile. In Super Mentors, you’ll discover a new approach – Aim High, Ask Small, and Do It Again – based on research into the surprising ways Jack Dorsey, Oprah Winfrey, Steven Spielberg, Sheryl Sandberg, and others leveraged Super Mentors to achieve extraordinary outcomes.


    – The Secret to Better Writing

    Never Write Alone

    During my courses, I’ve had the chance to interview the world’s best authors, entrepreneurs, creators, designers, and more, who all shared their wisdom in a published book. Each conversation is packed with insights about their mindset, their tips, their secrets, their shortcuts, and the patterns they’ve found to produce extraordinary books and creative content.

    We’ve curated these conversations with some of the very best authors in the world who each have a unique writing approach and ways they’ve developed their style.

    Find out more about the Never Write Alone Community.

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