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    Write a Book in a Semester

    Join our Community of First-Time Authors

    Writing a book shouldn't be this hard. About 81% of people have 'write a book' on their bucket list, and yet, less than 2% of people who start writing one will ever finish.

    What’s our secret:

    Never Write Alone

    The Book Creators Program is a community-powered course taught by Professor Eric Koester, a two time Entrepreneurship Professor of the Year. It’s an open version of his award-winning book creation course and more than 1,500 first-time authors have completed and published their first book, novel or memoir with this community in the past three years.

    The 20-week program begins in October 2022 (final deadline to enroll is October 21st 2022), is designed to offer weekly live sessions, writing workshops, marketing bootcamps, and one-on-one coaching from a professional editor, combined with a clear path to publishing your book.

    Meet Your Book Instructor, Professor Eric

    Learn From World’s Best Writers

    Learn writing methods from some of the world's best writers and authors Professor Koester has interviews for his Never Write Alone interview series -- Tiffany Haddish (The Black Unicorn), Daniel Handler (Lemony Snickets), Chuck Palahniuk (Fight Club), Ariana Huffington, Dan Pink (Drive), Steve “Woz” Wozniak (Apple), Simon Sinek (Start With Why), Roy Choi (The Chef Show) and many more.

    You'll know how to write your first book like you've done it before, and this is the year he'll teach you how.

    More Than 1,500 Working Professionals & Full-Time Students Have Published Their Book

    If your first thought is how busy you are, don’t worry, you’re not alone.

    The Book Creators Program is full of people just like you, with approximately 75% working professionals (individuals working full time at various stages of their careers) and 25% full-time students (undergraduates and graduates). With the help of the community, your editor, and a process, you’ll balance your normal life with becoming a published author.

    You will benefit from an innovative publishing approach called 'Pre-Sale Publishing' for approved authors with publisher New Degree Press. Upon finishing a first draft manuscript, authors can utilize a book pre-sale campaign to activate their existing audience. Authors never give up any rights or royalties in their work.

    In 2021, Inc. Magazine named us the 5th fastest growing educational community in the country, and USASBE named Book Creators the most innovative course of the year.

    No book idea? No problem.

    Don’t worry if you don’t have a clear idea in mind for the topic of your book! About 70% of creators do NOT have a firm idea for their topic at the very beginning.

    That’s why you will schedule a call with Professor Koester, to help you identify or solidify your book topic and give the professor some background information on you that will help identify the topic for your project during the call, and give you clear early steps to research, refine, and develop some of the aspects of the book before you even begin writing.

    77 National Book Award Winners or Finalists in 2020-2022.

    This experience is based on Professor Koester’s award-winning course that has helped 1,500+ authors publish books and produced more than 77 national book award winners or finalists in 2020-2022.

    How Authorship Can Transform Your Life

    Being a published author can not only make your dream come true, but also leave your mark on a topic you’re passionate about. It’s quite frequent that authors land a job, start a company, begin a speaking career, or write more books based on the book they published and its relevance to the field.


    “I didn't expect that I could write a book and get it out there in 10 months, but finding Eric and all the others to do this process with, it just gives you more motivation and you end up walking alongside people who support you, you get to know them, and you form great friendships with your fellow authors.

    “For every book writer in this program, there's going to come a point when you're going to hit a wall and you are going to question your sanity. You're going to question your ability to write, you're going to question whether or not somebody is going to like your baby when it's born. This program will help you push through that, because there have been hundreds of people before you that have gone through the same thing, have helped on another and have all come out on the other side, gratified, satisfied, and proud.

    “This program, the other writers, Professor Koester, and my editor really brought out the inner creative writer in me that I didn’t know existed -- I had a lot of doubt, but I still kept pushing and kept writing and have been able to share my story and impact so many others.


    How Authorship Can Transform Your Life

    Authors pay dues of $699 a month (or $299 for students) for the course, the community, and to work one-on-one with a professional developmental editor. The extremely high publishing rate of authors in this program is driven by this level of personal and individual editorial coaching. Published alums of the program come back as coaches, mentors, and instructors.

    Wait, what’s the catch? There isn’t one…we are a social venture (B-corp certification pending 2022) dedicated to empowering more ‘underheard’ voices in publishing. If you’ve got a story or a book idea and are open to being part of a community of other writers, come join. And you only pay editor dues once you’ve joined and feel it’s a great fit. There’s no risk or obligation to plug in and explore our community-powered writing experience.

    Now Enrolling Fall 2022

    • All author programs for nonfiction, fiction, memoir/creative nonfiction, and poetry will begin in October 2022, the deadline to apply is October 21st, 2022.
    • This program lasts for 10 months (5 months to create your first draft manuscript followed by 5 months of publishing work).
    • Each week, authors spend three to five hours as their "book hours" to work on weekly activities (this includes watching pre-recorded lectures, engaging in coaching activities, monthly group discussions, and working with your developmental editor).
    • We leverage a process called “Atomic Writing” where you’ll learn how to write small elements called Snippets (50-250 words) and build those into stories and scenes (800-1,000 words) before structuring them into chapters.
    • Every step is designed to help you learn while doing, and more than 70% of students will have a publishable first draft manuscript within seven months of starting the program.
    • On average, first draft lengths are about 25,000 words or more (~120 pages, double spaced), while the final books have about 33,000 to 40,000 words (~192- to ~230-page book).
    • We provide a unique “Work In Progress” book marketing experience, helping authors develop their author presence, activate existing fans and readers, and drive exceptional book sales upon publishing with nearly all of our authors being in the top 3-5% of book sales among all authors in their first year.
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    Professor Koester does a 15-minute call with every prospective author to ensure they are a fit for the program and their book topic can fit the course structure. Topic calls must be completed by October 21st, 2022, to join.

    Still Have Questions?


    I have no experience with book writing. Is this program a good fit for me?

    Previous experience is not necessary to enroll in this program. These are some of the key things we look for in authors:

    • Are you a creator/doer? (Do you have that entrepreneurial spark?)
    • Are you open to feedback, suggestions, and recommendations, i.e., coachable?
    • Is your aspiration to make a difference in the world?
    • Do you have the openness necessary to tell your story?

    Are there any out of pocket costs to publish my Book?

    Besides the cost of your developmental editor, no. We teach authors the power of ‘community-powered publishing,’ a unique way to activate your existing connections to pre-buy the book. These become supporters, fans, and friends -- making the book even better and helping you cover all the costs of editors, cover designers, layout, marketing, and more.

    Successful authors from the program help guide a six-week program after you’ve finished a first draft to develop and launch a successful pre-sale campaign for your book, and since 2019, more than 1,500 authors have successfully funded their book’s production costs and met their pre-sale targets.”

    If this sounds like you, enroll now!

    Final Deadline to Participate:

    Must finish your topic call with Professor Koester by Friday, October 21st. Be sure to schedule your call.