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    Book Creators

    Do you love to write? Do you have a story to tell? Is your dream to write a book but you aren’t sure that you have what it takes? Then, this is the perfect course for a first-time author like yourself.

    Professor Koester combines specific principles, timelines, and approaches to create a structured program with editorial coaching, creating a clear path for you to produce your own book. So far, more than 1,250 authors created and published their first books under Professor Eric Koester’s wing, through the Book Creators program.

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    Learn how to write and publish your first book

    The Book Creators program is designed to help aspiring authors write a book from scratch, publish their work, promote, and market it. This program provides an effective way for nonfiction, fiction, memoir, and poetry authors to develop and create the first draft of their book for just the costs of editing and get the chance to fund the expenses of book production through the pre-sale strategy, avoiding any out-of-pocket payments. During this course, participants will build expertise and credibility through the authorship process.

    You will work with New Degree Press publishing house and learn how to produce and promote your work, as well as build a robust audience early on, in the production process.

    No idea?
    No problem.

    Don’t worry if you don’t have a clear idea in mind for the topic of your project!

    About 70% of creators do NOT have a firm idea for their topic at the very beginning. That is why you will receive a questionnaire to fill in before the call with Professor Koester, to help you identify or solidify your book topic and give the professor some background information on you that will help identify the topic for your project during the call.

    – Course outline

    Program Details

    This program lasts for 10 months (5 months to create your first draft manuscript followed by 5 months of publishing work).

    The program is the equivalent of two three-credit college/graduate courses over two semesters.

    You may be able to earn course credit at your institution through a faculty sponsor.

    Over 80% of participants create a company or entity to supplement the book AND more than 90% of authors earn Best Seller book status in their Amazon category.

    On average, first draft lengths are about 26,000 words (120 pages, double spaced), while the final books have about 33,000 to 40,000 words (192- to ~230-page book).

    Each week, authors spend three to five hours as their “book hours” to work on weekly activities (this includes watching pre-recorded lectures, engaging in coached activities, monthly group discussions, and working with a partner or the developmental editor).

    – Enrolment dates

    When do programs begin?

    Author programs for nonfiction, fiction, memoir/creative nonfiction, and poetry are run up to three times per year, typically beginning in February (spring), June (summer), and October (fall).

    – Fees & charges

    Program Costs

    ​​Community-powered writing courses and programs are generally done at no cost by Professor Koester (authors must cover the cost for a development editor, which is currently $999).

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    Community open source programs are done at varying costs, depending on the community and the makeup of the participants. Feel free to reach out for a quote on the community ‘open source’ programs to learn more.

    Request a Quote

    The price of full individual book coaching programs with Professor Koester starts at $10,000. Feel free to reach out for a quote on the individual book coaching programs, or check out the FAQ section to learn more.

    Request a Quote

    *"Open Source" creator programs are programs where one of the participants facilitates the program with Professor Koester's help/support.

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    How can I apply to this course?

    STEP 1: Complete the Topic Brainstorming & Participation Form
    STEP 2: Schedule a time for your “Topic Chat” with Professor Koester


    I have no experience with book writing. Is this program a good fit for me?

    Previous experience is not necessary to enroll in this program. These are some of the key things we look for in authors:

    • Are you a creator/doer? (Do you have that entrepreneurial spark?)
    • Are you open to feedback, suggestions, and recommendations, i.e., coachable?
    • Is your aspiration to make a difference in the world?
    • Do you have the openness necessary to tell your story?

    How long does it take to write a book?

    Thanks to our teaching model and your hard work, during the period of 5 months you will be able to create a first draft manuscript for your book.

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