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    Building a Syllabus for your Startup

    I remember the days in college when you’d show up on that first day of the semester and get handed your syllabus for the semester (I know, I’m dat[...]

    Eric Koester | 12.07.2020.

    Why Your Idea Sucks, but Your Inspiration is Inspiring

    I really don’t give a damn about your startup idea. Less than damn in fact (1). Listen, no one is going to steal your idea and if they do, they are [...]

    Eric Koester | 05.07.2020.

    Are you pursuing your goals, or just the “prerequisites?”

    Over the past month, I’ve spent a ton of time with MBA students, recent grads considering their next job and folks a little bit into their career tr[...]

    Eric Koester | 28.06.2020.

    You don’t need a Table of Contents (Yet)

    TLDR; First time authors outline the initial book; Second time authors start with questions they have and want/need to learn about. I come from the st[...]

    Eric Koester | 21.06.2020.

    Create Your ‘Learning List’​

    Write Like A Second Time Author TLDR: First-time writers just sit down and start writing their book; second-time authors start by creating a ‘Le[...]

    Eric Koester | 14.06.2020.

    What Second-Time Authors Do Differently (and how to use this as a first-time author)

    Writing a book is difficult. Writing your first book is even harder. It took me a really long time to submit my first book (and a lot of heartache, im[...]

    Eric Koester | 07.06.2020.

    Focus on the First Draft

    #WriteLikeASecondTimeAuthor It was mid-January and I was stressed. My publisher had told me to deliver a draft by February 10th and I was feeling over[...]

    Eric Koester | 01.06.2020.

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