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    Video Course Creators

    Do you love sharing your knowledge and feel like other people would also benefit from your passion and wisdom? If yes, then you should consider doing your own video course.

    Are you inspired by the success of creators like Haley Hoffman Smith (Purpose Pilot), Jaclyn DiGregorio (Building Grit), and Jillian Richardson (Better Boundaries)? Join Professor Koester’s pilot program for aspiring video course creators.

    Work side by side with Professor Koester to develop a course and a script to be produced into a full 10-12 episode video course. Get paired up with a script editor to guide you during the process and create quality content for your audience.

    – Get Started

    Learn how to express your thoughts, share your wisdom, and produce your own show

    You will have the opportunity to produce your own show or course with New Degree Studios

    Your script will be evaluated for production by the board of New Degree Studios, which includes advisors from NPR, Radiolab, NY Public Radio, Creative Live, and others.

    New Degree Studios partners with each creator to co-develop a pre-sale campaign for your show/course with a goal of building “beta listeners” or “beta students,” who get early access to the content and are recognized as sponsors. The six-week pre-sale program helps the creators build their audience and generate the initial sales used to fund their show or course’s production costs.

    No idea?
    No problem.

    Don’t worry if you don’t have a clear idea in mind for the topic of your project!

    About 70% of creators do NOT have a firm idea for their topic at the very beginning. That is why you will receive a questionnaire to fill in before the call with Professor Koester, to help you identify or solidify your video course topic and give the professor some background information on you that will help identify the topic for your project during the call.

    – Course outline

    Program Summary

    Creators will receive a series of videos, activities, and exercises to create the first draft of a video show/course script. Periodically, there will be virtual workshops and additional working sessions.

    During the 20-week program, creators will meet:

    • each week virtually via Zoom for one hour;
    • on regular “group creation sessions” (4-5 times per month) via Zoom.

    At the end of the 20-week program, creators can continue into the next phase to:

    • produce their video show or course with a professional production team;

    Approved creators are eligible to produce their work through the Creators Program of New Degree Studios that enables them to pre-sell their show, course, or book (before it’s finished), which provides creators a path to:

    • develop their audience early in the production process;
    • own all rights to their show or course, with no out-of-pocket costs (creators will use their pre-sale proceeds to fund production expenses such as equipment, editing, video/audio production, visual design, distribution, and marketing support).

    – Enrolment dates

    When do programs begin?

    Creator programs for video courses are run up to three times per year, typically beginning in April (spring), August (fall), and December (winter).

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