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    David Meltzer

    Money doesn't buy happiness and love you.

    Provide Massive Value & Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable | David Meltzer

    In this episode you'll learn

    • How you can love the pain you love, pleasure in loving the journey, and creating value as you go

    • How to be a Master learner

    • How you can build a community

    • Finding the tribe that will follow you on your mission

    Is there value in what I do? Where do I get my inspiration from? How do I achieve my goals? How can I inspire others? What do I really want in life? These simple self-assessment questions are often the most difficult to ponder. But your responses will determine your journey to where you truly desire. Let David Meltzer inspire you to see your value as you set your goals toward your success.

    David is the Co-founder of Sports 1 Marketing. He is the host of the top entrepreneur podcast, The Playbook, and the executive producer of Entrepreneur’s #1 digital business show, Elevator Pitch. A three-time international best-selling author, his book, Game-Time Decision Making, was a #1 new release. He has been recognized by Variety Magazine as their Sports Humanitarian of the Year and awarded the Ellis Island Medal of Honor. David is a value-based speaker that regularly talks at the world’s biggest business, sports, technology, and motivational events.

    Understanding value is so important. Taking inventory of values is essential. Seeking, finding the light, the love, and the lessons are finding the value in anything. Right suffering is a process to find the light, the love, and lessons of value.

    CEO Journey

    For David, money bought love and happiness. At 5 years old, he told himself he’s going to be rich. One advantage of believing in money is the love and happiness that he found. Now, if you're only looking at the money, you're always looking for more options, because you're always looking for someone to pay you more.

    He said we feel so separate. The tree has no branches, if we truly believed everybody was a sponsor or power sponsor bars that we were all connected that one branch would not go to war against another branch. If we truly believe that, then we would look upon everyone as a sponsor or power sponsor, not a gatekeeper, not as resistance voids and shortages. He is always keeping his options open, always being more interested than interesting, always learning, always asking for help. David became a multi-millionaire, became so generous that he gave tons of money. He believes the more you give, the more you receive.

    In the last four years, David built his brand, proving that you could build a community off of an idea to empower over a billion people to be happy. Moreover, happiness is a virus. His favorite part about happiness is that it’s the only virus that spreads by witnessing it. It strengthens everybody that witnesses. It strengthens you mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally, financially. Happiness will strengthen everyone with this abundant truth that it carries. And more importantly, it'll strengthen your immune system. So it protects you against negativity and disease. The lessons he learned about money is that it doesn’t buy love or happiness, but it does allow you to shop. If you shop for the right things, not the things you don't need to impress people you don't like, you'll be happy. Make a lot of money so you can help a lot of people, have a lot of fun. Receive so you can give. Don't give to receive, it's not a trade or negotiation. Receive so it comes through you for others. And that's how that paradigm and journey has lasted.

    Understanding the values and daily practices.


    • Gratitude. The easiest way to change your life is to say thank you before you go to bed, and when you wake up. For 30 straight days, it becomes a neural pathway and a subconscious thought. It'll affect you and change you more than anything.
    • Forgiveness. To learn all those things, you had to make a ton of mistakes. And if you're going to make mistakes, you better forgive yourself because you can't forgive other people. After all, you can't give what you don't have.
    • Accountability. Most people, especially today, lack control. They're trying to find outside of themselves, what exists inside them. You can't find outside of you what doesn't exist inside of you. Accountability is the control of that.

    If you live with that gratitude, forgiveness, and accountability, you can have an inspired life.

    Building a Community Requires:

    • Consistency. To strengthen your signal.
    • Spectrum. To create efficiencies to get more than two people, you have to know the spectrum that you're trying to reach.
    • Practice. To clarify, focus, and balance you.

    Have faith that you’re going to not get what you want, but get better than you want.

    Finding the tribe

    It's on every aspect, reducing the interference. David says that if he’s going to write a book, he’s not writing it to make money. He’s not writing it to get the biggest publisher. David wants to impact as many people. The money always comes. And that's the one David took back from the publisher and publish it himself so he could give it away. He gave away 20,000 books but sold many, many times more than that.

    By his mindset and dedication, David shows us that creating value, giving more to others, and not expecting anything in return is the key to happiness and success. To put it in his words: “Money does not buy love or happiness, but it does allow you to shop and if you shop for the right things, not the things you don't need to impress people you don't like, but the right things, you'll be happy.”

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