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    Tyler Hayes

    Focus is the ultimate weapon that a startup has, all the way up.

    Cheat Codes for Productivity & Creativity

    In this episode you'll learn

    • How to build up your expertise

    • How to navigate setbacks

    • The most optimal way to fund your project as a tech developer

    • The value of having an audience

    How can you manifest your technological creativity? What ups and downs should you tread to achieve your ambitions? What plans should an upstart implement for his/her dreams? What does the future have in store for us?

    Furthermore, is humanity even prepared for the next big thing? Or will the next big thing will forever be shelved and left undiscovered?

    Tyler Hayes seems to be on a life mission to answer these compelling questions. As the CEO of AtomLimbs, Tyler has the knowledge and insights as to what the future is all about for upstart creators and his company’s drive to transform lives, literally.

    Creativity + Pitch + Revolutionary Idea + Profit

    Being creative alone is not enough for people to invest in your ambition. You need to craft an effective pitch that blows the minds of your potential investors: an idea that is truly revolutionary that would benefit humanity as a whole. Ambitions might be the driving force that keeps us moving forward. In a world driven by capitalism, ambitions should translate to profit.

    Tyler’s Journey

    Tyler is a young pioneer in revolutionizing the integration of technology into the human body. He wants to cure death and how death is a loss of creativity and productivity for humanity. When he was starting his revolution, it is imperative for setbacks to happen and Tyler eventually learned about the struggle between the academic world and the capitalistic world.

    You don’t need televisions, radios, and billboards to advertise your craft. The 21st century is about building your audience on social platforms like YouTube, Instagram, etc. Tyler discusses that reading, writing, and thinking reinforce your sense of clarity and most importantly, how to find something meaningful for yourself.

    Integrating Technology into the Human Body

    The inevitable integration of technology into the human body sparks the discussion between ethics and the medical revolution. People with disabilities and diseases deemed incurable will now witness the efforts made by the pioneers of humanity. But it is yet to answer the biggest question, how will people react to what the future has to offer?

    Final words of wisdom, especially for creators: content is great, but it only matters if you have distribution for that content. Create amazing products people love, and then introduce your creations to new audiences. Be your best self-promoter.

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