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    Roy Choi

    Sometimes, imperfections are part of the story

    History: Your Story at the Perfect Time | Roy Choi

    In this episode you'll learn

    • How to find the perfect time to write

    • How your history shapes your writing style

    • Roy’s thought process when creating his craft

    Have you found the writing style that suits you? Do you find it hard to focus with all the distractions that surround you every day? How will you tell your readers your identity through your writing? Are you prepared to show your ugly and vulnerable side? Or will you stay cooped up in your shell and hide?

    Roy Choi is the person who can answer these fascinating questions. As someone who had gone through difficult and darkest moments of his life, he was able to transcribe his life experiences in the memoir “L.A Son.”

    Your History Reflects your Writing Style

    We grew our lives relative to the state of our families. Some experienced the darkest moments, others lived free from worries, and few have no idea what to do. If your entire life was built around technicality, so is your writing. If you live free from woes and worries, your writing will revolve around that as well.

    For Roy – it all started when he saw people’s response to his cooking. He wanted people to taste the story of his life through his artistic craft. Let your emotions and the story of your life be wholeheartedly conveyed.

    Finding the Perfect Time to Write

    People have different ways and scenarios to look for their comfort zone. The best one is to stay away from people who might disrupt your rhythm. Let the sea of silence be the haven of an inspired mind. Roy shared his perfect time – that is past midnight until dawn when everyone is asleep, and it allowed him to write things without worry.

    Look into your past where you have been into similar scenarios. Time is more than just the numbers you see on the clock. Make the time you are at your honest self – be the starting point of your writing schedule.

    Your Writing, Your Story

    As we tread our paths of the journey in life, we all have illustrations of what life is all about. Oppressed people illustrate their life as a prison. The expansive sky is the life of the people who want to make it big. Raging waters for people who see life as a challenge but for Roy – life is standing in a parking lot watching as the sun comes down the horizon, the lighted street lamps accentuated the ambiance of friendship that will be cherished forever.

    You create and shape your own life, and your story will be the best product of your reflections in life.

    Our Destinies Are in Our Hands

    We shape and manipulate it the way we wanted it to be. It now all leads to the mindset that we should have when shaping our life. Shape your life not how others dictate you to, but how your experiences have forged you into what you are now and what you wanted to accomplish in the future.

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