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    Jim Kwik

    “With great responsibility, comes great power. Take responsibility for something, and you have great power to make things better.”

    Be the Superhero That Battles Your Villains | Jim Kwik*

    In this episode you'll learn

    • How to leverage adversities to propel personal growth.

    • The importance of interpersonal skills to our life

    • The impact of technology on our cognitive abilities

    • How to navigate distractions brought by technology

    Have you ever fallen into despair? Completely clueless and ignorant of how to deal with the villains inside you? How can you navigate around the inner demons that have accumulated over time? In this technology-driven world, can you still tap into that laser-focused attention and completely extricate yourself from worldly distractions?

    Jim Kwik is the person that can answer these thought-provoking questions. As a Brain Coach, Host of the Kwik Brain Podcast and an Author, Jim created his masterpiece “Limitless” filled with the keys to unlock things hidden in us.

    Growth in Struggles

    In metallurgy, when you subject a metal to intense heat, it makes the metal malleable. Striking that metal allows you to form the shape you want. Metalworks reflect heavily on our lives. When subjected to adversities, the one who will shape what we wanted it to be – is ourselves. For Jim – through struggles comes strength; We manipulate our hardships and never let them faze us. Just like a spring, the more we are pushed down, the harder we should fight back. Don’t let your struggle beat you down without fighting back.

    Dealing with our Inner Demons

    We all handle our problems in a manner of comfort. Some people piously pray for impure thought to be cleansed. Others conduct multiple activities to distract themselves. At the same time, a few let themselves be lost in the sea of alcohol – to hypnotize themselves that problems do not exist. According to Jim, “In these difficult times, it can define, diminish or develop yourself – ultimately, you make the decision.” We eventually choose what we wanted to do with ourselves. You either choose to fool yourself or face the reality that the problem exists, and it is now the time to be the superhero of yourself and act on it.

    Eliminate Distractions and Redirect your Attention

    With the ubiquity of the internet, information that was inaccessible in the past is now made available. Humans are greedy beings – we don’t stop seeking the unknown, explore new things and make a massive leap in humanity. We only have one brain, and although it comprises billions of neurons, we are incapable of doing tasks in parallel. In the world where your attention is most needed, Jim suggests - be conscious of what you are doing. Be mindful of how to use limited resources like our attention. Time never goes back, and if you accommodate distractions in your life, you already wasted time.


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