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    Vishen Lakhiani

    Great books are not written, they're rewritten.

    Reimagining The Human Experience | Vishen Lakhiani

    In this episode you'll learn

    • How to get people to read your book

    • How to get the courage to shift jobs or studies

    • What is an altered state of mind

    • How to overcome imposter syndrome

    Vishen Lakhiani is an author, Malaysian entrepreneur, and motivational speaker. He is the co-founder and chief executive of Mindvalley, Silva Method's vocal proponent, and the author of two books: “The Code of the Extraordinary Mind” as well as “The Buddha and the Badass.” Today, Vishen Lakhiani takes us through how we demonstrate how we learn through writing a book.

    A human being is capable of extraordinary things. We have an extraordinary capacity to evolve, develop, discover, love, and solve challenges. In this episode, you will discover why Vishen Lakhiani believes that the world lies in raising human consciousness. We get to learn how an altered state of mind brings us to a more productive and enjoyable life.

    The altered state of mind

    Altered states of consciousness, also referred to as non-ordinary states, include different mental states in which the mind may be alert but not in its normal wakeful condition. This state enables you to be more productive, be more open-minded, make better decisions, and develop an intuitive skill, accessing insight wisdom beyond our physical senses.

    Have courage to do what you love

    The important thing is to do what you love and pay attention to the things you care about. Sometimes it is hard to do this because there are many aspects that we need to look into, especially when doing what you love turns into a living. It is not always a pretty picture to look at. Sometimes you get depressed and hopeless; find another job to survive. But at the end of the day, doing what you love and what you care about makes you go on living.

    Dealing with impostor syndrome

    Impostor syndrome can be a good thing — it discourages fraudsters from making products that they don’t know about. Many times, you do something because you love doing it. You spend time researching the topic, knowing every answer to every question, asking for someone’s feedback, making sure you give your best to doing it. Polishing it to perfection.

    The essence of your book

    Creating a book is like telling a story in a bar, or as you are courting someone, you want to impress them and make them fall for you. You invest time to learn about the topic and what is the best way to share this story. As you share your story, you want them to be intrigued, you want the story to stick to them, creating tension, and you want them to keep going to know how the story ends.

    However, in creating your story, you must avoid apathy. Build your story to be authentic, regardless if people are going to love or hate it. Bring both emotions to produce great art.

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